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BeBeLino (Бебелино)->

Crayola (Крайола)->

EasyScience (ИзиСайенс)->

Feelindigo (Филиндиго)

Gazillion (Газиллион)

MeliDadi (МелиДеди)

Motor Play (Мотор Плей)

Piatnik (Пятник)

Play Baby (Плей Беби)

Revell (Ревелл)->

Schleich (Шляйх)->

Science Agents (Сайенс Агенты)

Sylvanian Families (Сильваниан Фемилис)->

Tonka (Тонка)

TrueDough (Трудо)

About us

Established in 1996, Group of companies "Paritet-Service" confidently leads in the Ukrainian toy market. We have grown up from a small company to the advanced distributor of toys from world's leading manufacturers and earned a considerable trustworthy professional reputation.

Our business is based on exclusive partnership with global manufacturers providing only the best toys for children.

We consider all demands of Ukrainian consumers and have a long-term experience in toys wholesale. As a matter of experience we have chosen the appropriate variety of toys for any age providing high quality for reasonable price.

Today we offer only the best brands including such well known brands as Ася, BeBeLino, EasyScience, Sylvanian Families, Meli Dadi, Fashion Angels, Schleich, Crayola, Zuru, Grow'n Up, Revell, Piatnik, KodKod, Gazillion etc.

The novelties of 2015 include Meli Dadi, Zuru Robo Turtle and new line of excavation kits from Easy Science.

Group of companies "Paritet-Service" has proven itself as a reliable partner, striving for mutually beneficial cooperation. The motto of our company includes a strict adhering to business ethics, a careful attention to customer's needs and high standards of service.

Our contacts:

08132, Ukraine, Kiev region
Kiev Svyatoshinsky district
6V Kievska str.

Tel.: +38(044) 371-17-95
Fax.: +38(044) 371-17-96

RE any local sales issue - ps-sales@ps.ua
RE any distribution issue - ps-buying@ps.ua
RE any marketing issue - ps-marketing@ps.ua

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